Steven Halfpenny
Global IT Director Transcom Worldwide AB

As a contract resource, you need to be able to come into a new organisation and quickly understand the business, and the issues.
Jan joined the organisation with no previous knowledge of the industry but within a few days got to grips the project deliverables, our business needs and suppliers and started to pull the project together and move things forwards.

During his tenure, Jan also looked after our Global PMO during the transition from IT to a new global PMO Team in Sweden.

Jan can bring his knowledge and expertise to any organisation, and prove an asset to a project or programme. -16 September 2015

Mike Dorland
Owner, VC4 B.V.

Jan is a very pleasant person to work with. He is professional in his job and is an easy communicator.
For VC4 Jan needed to travel very often, mainly in the MENA region. This was often on very short notice, but Jan proved to be flexible.
Jan’s main objective was to manage a large project in the Middle East, managing the project and people relations on different levels of the customer’s organisation.
Despite Jan’s age, he is a very fast learner.
Jan is honest and works hard.
I wish Jan all the best and I hope we can hire him again in the future.- October 31, 2014

John Verstrepen
Directeur IPMA-NL

Sinds vele jaren is Jan Seijerlin binnen de vereniging IPMA-NL actief. In die hoedanigheid heb ik hem leren kennen als iemand die loyaal, stimulerend is en leiderschapskwaliteiten vertoond.

Zo’n vijf jaar geleden was de interessegroep Risicomanagement bijna ter ziele. Jan Seijerlin heb ik gevraagd deze interessegroep nieuw leven in te blazen. Geleidelijk aan heeft hij kans gezien deze interessegroep weer levensvatbaar en vitaal te maken. Op dit moment kent de interessegroep ruim 90 belangstellenden en worden  de lezingen/workshops tussen de 20 tot 40 deelnemers per keer bezocht. Dit heeft hij voor elkaar weten te krijgen door te experimenteren met verschillende werkvormen en door goed te luisteren van wat er binnen de groep leeft: het maken van een jaarplan met een bepaald thema en differentiëren naar verschillende subthema’s en werkvormen. Daarmee heeft hij laten zien goed om te kunnen gaan met de verschillende belangen. -21 februari 2011

Rob E. Postma
(Sales) Director Benelux, Planview, Inc. (business partner)

Jan is a humouristic, critical but most of all dedicated man to the job. He’s a skilled negotiator. His business knowledge combined with his never ending drive is helping Martinair creating excellence in Resource Management. Thanks for being my client!- September 5, 2006

Evert-Jan Tazelaar
Business Manager, Microsoft (business partner)

Jan is a true professional. A consise manager with an eye for detail without losing sight of the overall objective. It was a pleasure working with Jan.- September 28, 2006

Gert-Jan Van Telgen
Account Manager, Rubicon (business partner)

Jan is a true professional in his field, with a wide expertise and understanding of the market. I have always appreciated the directness and honesty in our business relation, which provided the possibilities to become a partner rather than having a supplier-client relation.- September 6, 2006

Theo van Westrienen
Data Manager, Martinair Holland NV (colleague)

Jan is a goal oriented, energetic colleague. His way of working and managing is very effective, using the shortest way to get the results needed.- September 5, 2006

Jan-Paul Burm
Consultant, Wielandt & Partners (business partner)

Jan is very experienced in (multi) project management principles and practices. He is able to help organisations learn and grow in project management application and methods. He has a strong opinion on these topics and is able to help both individual project managers as well as MT / board members in achieving project results.- May 14, 2007