ICT Projectmanagement Anssems ( IPA in short) focuses on project management from the perspective of the business owner.

What happens when you start a project? The supplier, whom you have chosen in a diligent RFI/RFP procedure, appoints a project team and creates and presents his project plan to you.

As he is the expert on the products he is delivering AND also an expert in doing similar projects for other clients, it seems natural that he takes the lead.

Still projects run late, are more expensive than calculated, deliver other results than predicted and/or fail altogether.

What causes this? The answer: Every project is executed in a specific environment, YOUR ENVIRONMENT,  and that is something in which the supplier is NOT an expert.

IPA solves this discrepancy for you by cooperating with the supplier and all other stakeholders in your organisation, ensuring that the plan is connected to your unique situation and warranting that both explicit and implicit expectations, risks and opportunities, specifications and test-results are aligned to achieve the goals of the project.

Many years of experience in project management, leading project offices (PMO’s), project portfolio management and coaching of professionals guarantee that your projects will remain your projects if you let IPA direct and control the project in your name.

An extensive network of professionals who, when necessary, can be activated to perform specific tasks in your project(s) is at the disposal of IPA. This flexibility offers you valuable support when and where you need it.

IPA has been a active member of IPMA International and had a seat in the board of IPMA Netherlands; also IPA is active in various SIG’s such as Risk Management and Good Commissioning.

We invite you to check-out our web-site, read some of our publications and/or look at a curriculum and the recommendations . If you want to know more or are interested in hiring us you can contact us by mail or phone or make use of the contact form and w’ll get back to you immediately.

See you soon!

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