Coaching profile J.H. (Jan) Seijerlin


V. What is your view on learning?

A. Learning is living and living is learning. Every day you learn, whether you want it or not.

V. What is your view on  coaching?

A. Coaching demands commitment of the coachee and of the coach and is based on trust in each others integrity. Coaching is a personal confrontation with your own behavior and the effect thereof on others.

V. What methods in coahing do you prefer?

A. Questioning, summarizing, stretching.

V. What type of coaching demands are you able to answer and which not?

A. In principal all questions that are coming from the coachee  as he/she feels the need.

V. What is your ambition in coaching?

A. I like to be an echo helping the coachee to put his/hers behavior into perspective.

V. What is you experience?

A. I’m 61 years of age and have worked in various businesses. I have performed all kinds of management roles and learned from those experiences.