Good commissioning, pre-requisite for project success !?

Commissioning, the underexposed factor for success or failure of projects?!

For years now we have read the numbers and percentages published by institutes like Gartner and Forrester on project results. 40% fails and the other 60% are questionable as to the result being what was intended at the start of the project and/or the time and/or money is exceeded. (*). Not something to be proud of as a project manager.

But is it just the project manager we need to blame?

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Don’t limit risk management to projects

Plea for embedded risk management in organisations

Do you know projects that are not subject to change? No?, then we should talk about risk management. Governance and project management introduce risk management in various configurations within various branches as an important tool to have ‘control’. It works, but is no magic wand.

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